Tu Jhoom

The song ‘Tu Jhoom’ is a part of the album ‘Coke Studio Season 14’: written by Adnan Dhool, composed & mixed by “Xulfi” Jabbar Khan. The song is in Punjabi, & genre is fusion music. Tu Jhoom is rendered to perfection by the maestro Abeeda Parveen & Naseebo Lall. They sing about moderation, self-love, & self-sufficiency & how running after worldly things will not get you peace. I have taken a lot of inspiration from this song & want to look at my life through the lens of the song. I hope you like the song & can look at your own life in this light.

O, Peeraan nu main seene laavaan Te main hasdi jaavaan (I have embraced all hardships; while remaining unfazed) Doopan de naal lar-lar ke mai Labyaan apniyan chaavaan (I have fought all my hardships finally to find solace)
Dukh vi apne, sukh vi apne Main te bas eh jaana (The joys & sorrows of this life are mine to endure; This to myself I assure)
Sab noon samajh ke ki karna ae Dil noon ae samjhaavaan (Why delve into things which are beyond my control; This philosophy is my heart’s greatest cure) Tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom Tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom (Transcend into a greater realm; to discover the soul’s gem)

Being a gangly, dark, lonely individual I always felt awkward & rejected during my growing up years. This despite being the only son. Isolated, without friends, moving from one place to another every 2/2.5 years, I had to laugh & live alone through many a hardship & pain. My condition was purely my own; so learnt that I will need to face the challenges alone. Being an misanthrope, I never considered acceptance & support by others as a sine qua non for my joy. Learnt to seek it & enjoy alone. And that made a difference.

Mai deewani, kuch na jaana, mast ho ke gaawaan (Forgetting my being, I go into a trance. Lending words to my heart, I let my feelings flow)
Duniya raazi karke kamle, phir vi chain nai aauna (all the adulation from this world Still does not resolve my woes)
Saari khushiyan mil jaavan te picche ki reh jaana( If all my wishes were to come true, What would be left in the world to do)
Tere bas me kuch vi nahi eh, dil nu eh samjhavan (My destiny is beyond my control; I always let my heart know)
Tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom O, tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom Tu jhoom, jhoom (Transcend above my me Beyond what the eye can see)
Tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom Tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom Tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom,

All good till stanza one. But when it came to transcending to a greater realm, larger being was where the disconnect started. I was a self-sufficient “prick” in my growing up days and could never see a larger reality, a superior being. An exposure to J Krishnamuthy, Ramana Maharshi and Ramkrishna Paramhansa did not heal. Reading the Geeta, Bible and Koran did not reveal. Public approbation, mainly through academic achievements, quickly showed the hollowness of it all. Landing good jobs in good MNC and private organizations again revealed the facetiousness of ” worldly success”. In fact I remember , I did look for growth and promotions as a shadow variable of personal growth, but internally I felt all this meant nothing. I was seeking more, without exactly knowing what I am looking for. And when I did get promotions and growth, it did not satisfy me. My eyes were focused on the next milestone. Forever listless & hungry.

Main raazi apni zaat toon ( I have found contentment in my being) Main uttay apni aukaat toon ( I have risen above the status I am deemed) Ae duniya meri fikar naheen (worldly pleasure do not elate me)Main samajh gayi har baat nu ( I have fathomed the word of Thee)
Ki karna eh oonchyaan shaanaan nu (why strive to grasp beyond reach) Ki hath laana aasmaanaan nu (why let unattainable desires unleash) Main hasde-hasde hai jeena (when the secret to true bliss) Main nikal gaye gumaanaan toon (is to embrace yourself wholeheartedly)

I think, what kept me even keeled & sane, I was well aware of my caliber and capabilities. I knew my level & was well reconciled with it. Which meant no hungering after assignments, growth. If it comes, great. If it does not so be it!! Securing rank of First Class First in the Bombay University BA was momentary joy. Following it up with First Class First in MA or getting admission in the Fellowship Program of IIM Calcutta was a damp squib. As were the subsequent jobs. Being elevated as Asia Pacific Director in J&J was also a high that passed away momentarily. The question of So What?? soon followed. I kept remembering that every year there is someone who stood First Class First, so what is so great about that? Working for top MNCs like Siemens, Johnson & Johnson and General Motors only exposed the truth of the phrase, no man is a hero to his valet. The underbellies of all these shibboleths left me cured of the quest for worldly honor.

Mai to mere wargi aan ( I am truly worthy of myself) ee Khud kolon sharmana (Why should I shy away from myself) Duniya raazi karke kamle, phir vi chain nai aauna (all the adulation from this world Still does not resolve my woes) Jo hai tera lab jaayega (what you are destined to get) Kar ke koee bahana (Will find a way to you, do not fret Tere bas me kuch vi nahi eh, dil nu eh samjhavan (Your destiny is beyond your control; This philosophy will make you whole) Tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom O, tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom Tu jhoom, jhoom

A high spot was being awarded at the hands of President Abdul Kalam for Innovative HR Practices that drive Business Results. Zenith of my professional career. But how long can that feeling last. There has always been a sense of healthy disrespect for the world & whatever external accolades I received. I took my joy from my internal self-worth. Possibly the many accolades and recognition I got only helped me feel, I am still contributing, & giving back to my HR community & my family. Way back in 1967 when I was choosing Humanities in Senior Cambridge, my father had warned me: you will ruin your life & marry & get a girl from another family & ruin her life too. That has been my Litmus Test since then. Have I given a good quality of life to my wife & daughter? and Have I stood on my own feet in the race of life?? Unequivocally the answer is yes. So whether providence or luck brought me here, or it was sheer serendipity, when I look back sans regret, I feel joyful.

Mai deewani, kuch na jaana, mast ho ke gaawaan (forgetting my being, I’m entranced) Mai mastani kuch na jaana (So immersed I am that nothing else remain Tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom O, tu jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, jhoom Tu jhoom, jhoom (Transcend above my me Beyond what the eye can see)s)

To end, Remember: Nigah-e-yaar jise aashna-e-raaz kare Wo apni khoobi pe kyon na naaz kare (The fortunate one who is bestowed with the insight into Thy realm Then why should he not on providence’s favour dwell) Tu Jhoom, Jhoom, Jhoom: vikas

26 Replies to “Tu Jhoom”

  1. Dear Vikas, I love your transparency and the expression of your vulnerability. May you continue your quest and find that happiness in all that you do.


  2. I am curious to know why did SMShirodkar Sir comment like that when you decided to opt forHumanities at Cambridge in1967, specially when he was also an Arts Graduate.


    1. He was not
      He was from Sydenham and a commerce graduate

      I was always 3/4/5 th rank in class
      that time 1970s Dr or Engineer were the ONLY career options for good students


  3. Dear Vikas dada,
    Firstly, thanks for introducing me to this song – its a gem!

    Secondly, the article is very apt. Each of us goes through the phases of seeking external validation in terms of awards, promotions, recognition etc. Eventually we realize that what WE think about ourselves matters the most and self-respect becomes a coveted state of being. And then comes the phase of liberating others from the prison of external validation.

    It takes a certain kind of humility to accept that whatever happens has nothing to do with us. We are not the heroes or heroines. In fact we have zero control over things and the sooner we accept this, the better off we are.

    Best luck with your spiritual journey – may you enlighten many more along the way!


    1. Nilu
      thanks for your comments’
      I am in violent agreement with all that you say
      from dependency, the faster we move to self sufficiency and independence, the belter
      the keys are now in our hands
      but we realise the locks have all opened on their own

      There was a beautiful talat Aziz gazal in my time
      Kitne ujale andar aaye
      jub ghar ki deewar giri that indeed is real transcendence

      I hear the song nearly daily on YouTube
      and Vinita introduced it to me
      truly thankful to her


  4. Lovely piece and true. But i would go ahead one step and say that all these accolades give you thr confidence, instruments and opportunities to do good for others. So as long as one does that (which you have abundantly done) and one does not let the accolades become an end in itself they contribute to self discovery, fulfilling one’s purpose in life and through it takes one closer to the cosmic power, which put you there in the first place!

    Excellence encourages one about life generally; it shows the spiritual wealth of the world.” – George Eliot. Good luck with more achieving, more giving and more being!


    1. Preeti thanks for your kind words
      while principally I agree that accolades help you get the signal you are on the right path
      my problem with public recognition and praise are 2 fold
      1) person starts believing “s/he” did it and the consequent megalomania takes him away from reality
      2 Success creates a fixed mindset believing this is THE only path to the Allah, forgetting there are many many other ways. Experimentation stops. And success becomes blinding
      As long as you can take accolades with handful of salt, disbelieving you made it happen I am fine with it
      same with doing Good
      Karta kaun hai?


  5. Great going. Hearty congratulations Mr. Shirodkar.
    Gratitude in life to the almighty helps you in balancing out the negativity. Thanks 🙏


  6. So well written and so true! What we get in our professional life is required for our self esteem and making a good living. But beyond a point, the law of diminishing returns starts working. Our scriptures always said material joys are short lived, spiritual joy is forever! But this realisation and conversion of this knowledge into wisdom to change our way of living takes time! You have explained so beautifully with personal examples and using contemporary song so should definitely be much easier to understand and absorb compared to the ancient scriptures! Feels really good to know about your great professional achievements and we have experienced your simplicity and humility. All the best Vikas, jhoomte rahe!


    1. Neha
      thanks for your comments
      we all begin to conquer the world
      and soon realise we must conquer yourself first
      Knowing your Jaat and your Aukat keeps you on the straight path
      as re using a contemporary song, You will realise Neha great truths and ways to live are indeed Sanatan
      they have been same from times immemorial
      kabhi kabhi apne windshield pe mitti jam jaati hai
      and that hampers your world view and your speed of moving on
      once in a while we should wait on the side, clean the windshield with our gratitude and confidence
      and then move FW
      It is great to have like minded people with you in the journey
      thanks for being there


  7. Too good a introspection.
    In this race we all are together
    Running based on our understanding and talent
    Where we all came from and what we became will he different

    But all our achievements fade in time.

    Only what we gave to few to others will remain as memories.


    1. So true Pravin
      Indeed our GIVING defines us
      we are so fortunate to have so much blessing
      the real challenge is giving back to community and family
      that multiplies the joy
      and helps us empty or cup to receive more and more


  8. At the end, what matters is whether we have made a difference in someone’s lives, nothing else. Can we look ourselves in the eye and say, yes a life well lived indeed. I think we forget to enjoy the journey on our quest for achievement, wish the realisation came sooner. Wonderfully expressed, and indeed a life well lived and so well written.


    1. Thanks Col
      you have caught the dilemma so well
      enjoy the journey and not focus on achievements
      Geeta gives us the same advice
      if we enjoy and contribute in the journey
      the results will come
      Faal ki chinta chhod de
      Tu Zhoom


  9. VS:

    Superb linkage with a very popular and a contemporary song!

    You have very well illstrated with personal examples how various achievements in this world lose their ability to give true happiness! while that should not discourage anyone from being ambitious, the ambitions must have a built- in factor of the realisation that achieving that milestone is not equal to happiness. As they say, one must also enjoy the journey towards the goal. That will happen if mentally we keep a fine balance between our materialist pursuit and what may be called meta physical or spiritual pursuits during the journey.

    i often think of what a person like Bill Gates has achieved. What would one not have after being at the top of the world in the “rich list” for years and years! Even with that , he was ‘missing something’…and so he ventured in to philanthropy in a big way..in an attempt to fill some void .

    And with all that , we wonder how his relationship with his life partner has gone sour!

    Is he able to Jhoom or just Zoom?

    VS: you seem to be much better placed ..you are Jhooming…and also helping others to do so!

    Kudos for your journey so far..and best wishes for the years to come


    1. JL
      many thanks for writing in
      The debate about the journey and the destination has been going on since times immemorial
      But always feel the destination is a point but the journey is a vector
      so any smart person will optimize his pleasure points on focusing on the journey
      Unfortunately like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos there are many examples which show us that materiality has a severe limitation
      so you must “seek” and keep seeking if you want to be really happy

      My father, who influenced me a lot, used to say….I have not made money, but my real kamai, real earning is the people I influenced and helped
      I have tried to walk his Nakshe Kadam
      So I agree I am better off, contributing, touching lives, and sharing my joi de vivre


  10. What a masterpiece this blog was. Brought tears to my eyes & tremendous admiration for my boss & friend. Stay blessed & sharing always.


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