Jab we Met

Unabashedly I am a confirmed movie buff. Since school times, till the lockdown there was not a week gone by, when I did not see a movie. And that too in the theaters. During school time I stole money from home, lied to my parents, did whatever had to be done to indulge my addiction. Post lockdown I have switched to OTT platforms and do binge watching. Just yesterday, I was up till 3 am to complete a series as I just could not leave it half way.

Though I plead guilty to this movie mania, no movie has made me more mad than Jab we Met. I have watched this movie 68 times, 40 odd times in part, as it was on when I switched on the TV, & then I had to watch till it ended. But 25 plus times I have watched it beginning to end, waiting for ad breaks to get water or make water. I believe, therefore, I am well qualified, 68 times over, to write why I like Jab we Met *ing Shahid & Kareena. So here goes.

A simple plot of a distraught, rich kid, ditched by his beloved, getting on a train and having a ride of his life. Aditya meets Geet, a chatterbox, who forcibly befriends him and changes him totally. Till interval. And post interval, the roles reverse: Geet is in depression, & using the same things Geet has taught him, Aditya brings her out of depression and helps her face life. Simple story, stitched together with some amazingly beautiful songs, and mind shattering learnings in the shape of pithy dialogues that rock. Which is the subject of this blog.

Early in the film, in a run down Hotel Decent in Ratlam, Geet helps Aditya deal with his royal ditch. She asks Aditya to burn a photo of his erstwhile beloved & flush it down the drain. ” जला दो साली को…. and just flush her out of your life” What great advice to solve hurts and pain & rejection!! First Aditya objects to this बचपना. And after doing this Geet asks him अच्छा लग रहा है? And Aditya realizes that the childish action has indeed helped him overcome his pain. Imagine, how often we “lovingly” hold on to our pain, put-me-downs, and rejections!! is it not better to just flush it all out of our lives??

A little later Geet and Aditya are sitting on a bridge overlooking a lake, and Geet suggests that they jump in the water. Aditya refuses, but Geet persists with the clincher argument, ” बचपना किया, अच्छा लगा ना ? अब पागलपन करके देखो” They both jump, frolic in the water and come out giggling and happy. Their relationship takes a new turn here. To me what this episode teaches is the importance of Letting Go. Jump. Do things you have never done. Experience, Try out. Transcend your boundaries. You have nothing to loose but your limitations, as Aditya learnt.

Later when Geet is running away from home to meet her paramour Anshuman, as a friend Aditya, is worried & is trying to hold her back. He tells her what Geet is doing is wrong & will hurt others. Geet not only holds firm to her running away plan, she actually encourages Aditya to run away with her, & counsels him,” देखना जो होगा वो अच्छा ही होगा. इसीलिए मैं वही करती हूँ जो मुझे सही लगता है” How many of us follow our heart? actually that is the way to happiness and to the Right Thing. But we let our head overrule our heart. We intellectualize, we think, we analyze, we prevaricate….and we lose the courage to do what our heart believes, what is right. And after the event we invariably curse ourselves and feel if only I had followed my heart, if only…And come the next dilemma we again suppress our heart!! Follow Geet: do what your heart tells you. You cannot go wrong!!

Doing what your heart tells you is actually priming the pump for success and joy. As Geet tells elsewhere in the movie,” जो कुछ इंसान असल में चाहता है ना.. real में ..वो उसे मिल ही जाता है” What a lovely crystallization of the Power of Attraction…of Positive Thinking…of Affirmations…of Visualizations. The only question is do you trust yourself enough? is your desire really that strong? Is your hunger that sharp? Can you focus on your heart’s desire to the sheer exclusion of all else? If you can, success has to be yours!!

Challenges will be there. Adversities must be faced. But keep the confidence alive that this too shall pass, seasons will change, things will happen in my favor. Geet is running off from her home, she knows her family will be upset, she does not know what future has in store for her; but in the midst of this agony, she regales Aditya,” ये जो बुरा वक़्त है ना ? देखना, हम इसके बारे में सोचेंगे और हसेंगे” Be Positive. Look ahead with confidence. Things will turn for the better. I just need to keep my faith & look ahead towards the sun. If is not by chance that this dialogue/situation is picturized in the night, and Geet is telling Aditya to be strong till the next dawn.

Where does Geet garner all this confidence despite all misfortunes and difficult circumstances? Geet answers that early in the movie when she tells Aditya, “मैं अपने आप की favorite हूँ”.

How many of us can say that? we are rather constantly berating ourselves. We focus on our faults and short comings. And the game goes to the one who focusing on strengths & leveraging their own confidence to add sharpness to their innate capabilities. We need to re-think all the negativity and turn it on it’s head. Modern management is also stressing on understanding and leveraging our strengths rather than trying to overcome weaknesses. Weaknesses take much more effort to over come. Rather, if you are good at backhand tennis, try to take all shots on your back hand, if you are a hook player in cricket, go FW and take your hook shots. You are more likely to succeed this way. Be your own favorite, Enjoy yourself.

So you see, Jab we Met is no mere movie. Imtiaz Ali, the Director, has crafted sheer poetry on film. And in the process left us with some very great learnings. I will end with the last one: when at the end of the movie Geet has to decide between Anshuman and Aditya, she tells him one of Aditya’s own earlier dialogue,” मैं सिर्फ अपने दिल की सुनने वाली हूँ. फिर सब ठीक हो जायेगा” Truly if we gather the courage to follow our heart, we will always be on the right path. Faith in yourself, Trusting the process. Openness in facing life. Accepting what comes your way. Understanding that whatever happens, happens for the best. Relax. Don’t agonize. Go with the Flow. The river knows its way…just float!

I end with words from a song from the movie, looks like it has been written by me, for Jab we Met

छोड़े न छूटे कभी तोड़े न टूटे कभी
जो धागा जुड़ गया वफ़ा का
रास्ते मिल जाते है मंज़िलें मिल जाती है तुम से ही, तुम से ही

Thanking Imtiaz & the powers that be for Jab we Met : vikas the incurable romantic

P.S. Many thanks to my niece Minouti for encouraging me to pen this one

41 Replies to “Jab we Met”

  1. Vikas: What an incurable romantic and optimist you are!!! Loved the blog. Never , ever thought that anyone could watch a movie 68 times!! That itself is great. And you draw out the essence of the dialogues so very well. “Anand” had that effect on me. That was a long time back, of course. As I read all your blogs, your intense passion for whatever you believe in or enjoy comes out so well and I really envy you for that. I also think that that same passion has been evident in your professional and personal life. Here is wishing you continued good health to follow all your dreams and share them with us.



    1. VJ
      many many thanks for your kind words of encouragement and appreciation
      You have always been a good friend ready to support anytime and everytime and I am pleased and privileged to count you in my friends.
      Yes I have always let my Heart rule my Head and I cant say it has ever made me regret the decision.
      thanks for your feedback on my blogs
      It is such words that keep me focussed and going


  2. My personality underwent a change from Pre – Interval Geet to Post – Interval Geet due to certain life circumstances. Now, after a few years, I ‘think’ I have found a balance between the two…

    A friend who’s witnessed this transformation sent me your blog post to remind me of those times! 🙂


  3. I have used the technique of flushing you hurts, regrets, disappointments and grudges down the toilet or burn them in my training session with great impact. However the other learnings elaborates by you are additional revelations. Thanks ,Vikas


    1. Doc many thanks for your feedback
      I have always learnt all of my human behavior knowledge from Somerset Maugham and reading English Fiction…I for one swear by those teachers for my life and my insights


  4. I loved watching JWM too but your blog Mr. Shirodkar has taken me to a different level for which am very grateful. Lifetime lessons continue to learn. Many thanks. God bless you and family ❤️


  5. Superb VS! I have never seen a movie with this razor sharp eye/intellect to decipher such powerful lessons ! Your piece must go to Imtiaz Ali ,the Director, who deserves to be complimented with the kind of observations you have made about the story line.

    The “Jala do” approach is very appropriate for many unfortunate scenes that the life brings. In BK ,one common line is “बितीको बिंदी लगा दो”….Put a firm Full Point to what has happened in the past and move on. More often than not, we put coma, semicolon, question mark (why it has happened to me?) etc. With this, we keep going back to the event and re-create the sorrow..which serves no purpose at all.

    In many situations ,we are unable to exactly listen to what the ‘dil’ has to say. Perhaps that is the reason for having less confidence about what the “dil’ appears to be saying.

    In the material world, the ”दिमाग” tends to overpower the “दिल” or the two messages get mixed up confusing the person.

    It is rare to have the clarity and conviction like Geet has !

    thanks for sharing this thought provoking piece!


    1. JLS
      many thanks for your comments and appreciation.
      Yes Bindi as against a Comma can have very different implications and it really does not help if one is not able to let go of the past and break free.
      Rashmi many times says, baba if only you were still in Atul and I tell her that every place, every relationship, every experience has something to teach you
      after the learning is over, it is in mutual interest to carry on and break free, otherwise the water and the relationship stagnates.

      Having been an out and out Dil guy, I have consciously never let my Dimag overpower my dil. Sigmund Freud has said most important decisions in life are taken by intuition and so never second guess what your heart says. As I learn more and ore I do accept that the Super Conscious or Collective Unconscious ( Or call it Shiv Baba) knows the way to true happiness and so I am happy to leave the major decisions and directions to the heart.

      Look FW to your continued friendship and taking such keen interest in me and mine


  6. Vikas, an awesomely written review.
    I have never read a review like this on a movie which would translate so beautifully and would transform & inspire people for a satisfied journey called LIFE.
    Boss, hum sab jaante hain Aap Original Piece hain aur Aise Piece dhoondne se bhi Nahi Mil Sakta.
    Vikas, I have seen the movie but you have made me see it again ASAP.
    Main apne aap ki favourite ban gaya hun.
    Love & Regards
    Divakar n Bina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Divu & Bina
      you made my day
      now whole day I will preen and prance as I am an “Original Piece”
      Many times many in the family & friends asked dont I get bored seeing the movie so very often
      I had all these learnings at the back of my mind
      and so I thought I must pen it
      that it is not a mere movie
      it is much much more
      Being ones own favorite is a sure fire way to be happy and at peace with one self and others
      Enjoy dear friends
      and look fw to our personal meeting soon


    1. Fabulously written,you have written very postively which inspires me and my family.I would definitely like to share it with my friends.


  7. An extremely well written piece, straight from the heart… A well drafted tribute to a movie you love… And one can see why. Loved this one Vikas, truly! Tahe dil se shukriya


  8. Dear Sir,
    When Aditya returns to the office and distraught staff, he had once abandoned,
    how as their leader, he transforms –
    can you please add your reflection for this part as well.
    (Which all Web series you binge watched, would love to hear about those from you.)
    Thanks and Best Regards,


    1. Nitin sir
      Yes Aditya abandons and returns
      Don’t we all have our good days and our bad days?
      Leaders have a very lonely job
      and I for one believe they are as human as their followers so have every right to be frustrated, unhappy, distraught, etc etc
      Resilience is howver critical
      which Aditya exemplifies
      He jumps back
      and the comments about Letting Go and the comments about Following your heart is what sets Aditya on the right path
      and he is not only able to bounce back, but he is able to mend bridges( with his mother) be superbly successful (new launches) and overall Be Happy
      that happens only when one follows the heart
      so I feel the situation you are reminding us of, has the same solutions as have been described

      As re my binge watching: presently it is Mumbai diaries 26/11 and Turning Point which is on 9/11


      1. Having said that let me confess I never watch Series which have 2/3 seasons etc, however well they are recommended
        I need closure
        So I do Limited Seasons, Films and Series which have only 1 season , max 10 episodes


  9. Dear Vikas – super duper your review given on the movie, translating so beautifully and aptly the lessons reflected in the movie to our life situations. What a fantastic patience and determination you have to see a movie 68 times ! and of course you will see more times this going forward even! Thanks a Ton to create this master piece for us to reinforce in us the good principles for a satisfied life journey. All the best. With best regards. K B R Swamy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KBR
      I told another friend I saw 68 times because I am a SLOW LEARNER
      But jokes apart, movies have been acritical part of my life
      Books and Movies have taught me how to live
      and also why to live
      Sharing my learning with dear ones doubles my pleasure
      but when dear ones write back as you have…my joy quadruples
      thanks Dear
      veda baba vikas


    1. Kanubhai
      Zahe Naseeb, Zahe Karam
      I am travelling this whole week
      once I am back, next visit Vinita makes to Kandivali, I will tag along and come over for Tea and Idadu
      Love to Indu ben
      PS Saraswat Bramhan hun…aadha Bamman…so khana pehla, he he


  10. Great insights I get reading the unique analysis you belted out scene by scene in the essay that also helped me recall and relate to the movie once again which I had also seen long time back . I also love movies and still love to watch them in opportune moments. The learnings narrated through the story lines and it’s various moments are simply precious jems of different facades of life while you have brought out the same with great artistry. Would share it within my circle. 🙏


    1. Kabir….mere bhai….bacche ko rulayega kya
      I …unlike Ramesh Kasbekar, may his soul rest in peace…. have always believed LIfe and HR is about sharing
      so pl circulate all you want
      and more importantly, keep reading, keep writing in and keep encouraging me
      Many thanks for your valuable time and love

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Vikas dada,
    I am a HUGE fan of Geet, and Jab we met, too. Haven’t watched as many times as you though 🙂

    Loved your article – you have certainly hit a sixer this time. You have captured the essence of the movie perfectly. Also, it was very timely reminder for me to let go of some things – thanks for sharing !!



    1. Nilu
      many thanks for your super kind words
      Another close friend told me this one is my best
      I told him the best is yet to be
      But am sure I will not find another subject I am more passionate about

      Letting Go…remembering This too Shall Pass… is a mahamantra we all need to keep reminding one self


  12. Excellent..what a great movie on a very simple story with great life lessons.. yes, am sure who ever has watched this once, would have for sure repeated a few times, if not 60+ times. I have watched it several times, lost count.. and everytime, enjoyed every bit of it..


  13. Excellent interpretation and analysis of life and life’s travails !
    Wonderfully written. As if I was seeing the movie again with a newfound clarity !!
    Thanks Vikas


    1. Thanks Jayant for your most kind words
      Yes when ever I close my eyes the movie flashes in front of my eyes
      in many life’s situations I have found solutions from JwM
      Glad I could convey that passion in my blog


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