The day after

It is said by more experienced lovers than me that the true test of a great relationship is judged not by the torridness in the bed the night before; rather it is epitomized by the feelings that course through you “the day after”. I learn the truth of this statement the morning after I wrote my first blog.

I had got many WA messages and sms of encouragement and congratulations: but I was keen to see something online. And praise be to the Lord  and Master but actually there were 2 comments on each of the two blogs i posted yesterday.  so what if the 4 comments were by 3 authors; somebody out there was reading!!!

Well begun is All Done. Today is Sunday and I can rest.

Must confess though that the blogbug has bitten deep and sure. In my walk today I was actually mulling over what I could write on: topics which would be on interest to others and about which I have an opinion/something to say. The test for me was : would I read a blog on this issue if someone else wrote it. If answer is Yes then it is a fair subject. As as I walked subjects/ideas kept popping up where ever I looked or whichever turn I took. It is going to be fun and interesting I thought.

some rules I have decided ( and these are up for your comments/inputs) :

  • focus on my own experience and opinions
  • no theoretical pontification; no jargonese
  • KISS ( Keep it Short Stupid)
  • have fun and spread fun

see you around : vikas

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