And then there was a blog…

Yes I admit the bug has bit me.

Internet and blogs are today all around and any and everybody who is somebody is blogging away. I must say I took my time as I was unsure whether I should or not. And whether I will have the discipline to sit and write. And ( horror of horrors) PUBLISH!!! How would it be received; would it be read at all; am i exposing myself (and my foolishness) : Questions. Questions.Questions.

But finally I gathered the courage and decided to make a blog after all. That too on All Fools Day 2017. Somehow it felt appropriate to come out of the closet on this day; break the self imposed ban and venture forth. So here I am penning my first blog.For you to read. For me to write.

Many times in the past decades as I went on the speaker circuit and traveled far and wide to speak at seminars and conferences;  many people often suggested I should write. I always laughed it off. Embarrassed laughter I may add. Lurking underneath was the question whether I had something of import to say. and how would my outpourings be received.

Anyway here I am folks. Will try and reach out regularly.and since this is my first time I am sure you will forgive my transgressions and trespasses. As re what will be the content of my blogs : my tagline of  Openness and Sharing says it all. I want to share with you all my views and my experiences and my takes on how life is treating me . While agonizing over what I should write I can visualize the  Arun Bhendes; Uday Mahales; Sunil Aptes and now Ravi Thattes in my life paraphrasing the Bard and saying to me ” Fool look in thy heart and write”

With a transparent bleeding heart : vikas




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