Sentire ergo sum….(2)

Let me dig myself into a deeper grave. When i wrote in my last blog that Cogito ergo sum is passe and it is Feeling (sentire) that defines man and not thinking : I got may interesting challenges by mail; sms & calls. Hence in this blog. I am trying the explore the subject a bit more. Bear with me.

Maybe having been an Human Resources professional for 35+ years in Corporate India and before that a Psychology student in undergrad and post-grad level piqued my passion to study and understand people. Try to understand what they do and why they do what they do.

Even growing up as a child I was heavily into English Literature. Alongwith all the Classics I devoured with equal fervor the genre of thrillers and intrigue.  Poetry always held special fascination for the flashes of insights into the way we are. A la Ulysses ” always roaming with a hungry heart Much have I seen  and known”. My father’s transferable job took us all across the length and breadth of India during our early life. Completing my 11 years’ schooling in 8 different schools seemed like a challenge then! But I enjoyed every transfer giving us a new place to live in; a new culture to experience. In my career again I traveled the world meeting new people; experiencing new geographies. And in all this time I NEVER met a person who was “cogito” : a rational man to the core.

Rather I have seen all data and analysis pointing one logical outcome and our “thinking man” get hijacked by his emotional side. Hunches and intuition make decisions after all facts are on table. Alternately put: why someone did what s/he did cannot be explained by rationality alone. That is why I say Sentire ergo sum.

Some interesting challenges which I got were:

  1. Thinking is a prerogative of  humankind. Animals and plants also have feelings. Man is the only one who can think.
  2. Feelings are a product of our emotions. Feelings are only an interplay of our emotions. Much intellect is not necessary.
  3. Feelings need to be expressed. But what about repressed feelings and emotions? what about negative feelings?
  4. Descartes associates thinking with “am”ness. Only because of ‘I think’ (I know) ‘I am’.  Descartes indicates self awareness which again is possible only for humankind.

I am noting down all these challenges just so all of us can think and consider them  and their implications on the thesis “sentire ergo sum”. We may all see it with different perspectives; have differing points of view; and even reach differing conclusions. Which to me is fine. Unlike Physics or Maths we need not reach one conclusion in Philosophy. There is no “right” answer we all MUST converge on. As Mao said so brilliantly: “Let thousand flowers bloom.” While thinking (cogito) is preeminent & important; to me the emotion and feeling is the deeper truth; the opinion and intellect is the more superficial one. I end with one of my favorite quotes from Helen Keller : “The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”  and so Sentire ergo sum!

Sentire ergo sum

I tend to differ from Descartes’ now famous exposition: Cogito ergo sum. Cogito??? Does thinking define mankind? I would rather paraphrase the famous statement as “Sentire ergo sum”: I feel therefore I am. Let me explain.

Though important for mankind thinking does not really differentiate and make man unique. I am not  saying this only because of the rapid advances in “thinking machines” or artificial intelligence or heuristic programming or computers that learn. The speed with which all these technologies are moving ahead leave no doubt in any observer that man’s preeminence will have to be defined by some other characteristic than logical thinking. We stare at a time when the machine behind the man ( and not the earlier model of man behind the machine) will determine the future course of progress as well as our end  goal posts. So thinking is not the sole prerogative of and chief differentiation for mankind.

My candidate for the top differentiator is Feeling. Because of his ability to feel man is unique. Emotions and the feelings that course through him are the “unique sauce” that maketh a man. Hence Sentire ergo sum.

At a very personal level each and everyone of us have experienced times when the “head” told us something and our “heart” suggested the opposite. Though it was not logical and not based on data on hand and not prompted by the “facts of the case” we have done what we intuitively felt was right: and felt very good about following that path. Did feelings not overtake thinking at such points? Recollect the soldier at the frontier who logically knows the odds of being outnumbered and surrounded by the enemy and still for the emotions that rise when he sees his country’s flag is ready to lay down his most precious possession i.e. his very life for his Motherland. All of us have personally experienced the love of our own mothers who have loved us divest of any logic and for whom our entire heart head and being is perpetually in a state of gratitude. Our own love for children and the extent to which we are ready to go out on a limb for them should convince all that there is much more beyond mere thinking and logical analysis.

Can all these aspects of our lives be explained by logic and by thinking? Feeling overtakes and drives all that we do. Feeling helps us make more sense of our lives and circumstances. And I believe it is our ability to feel that differentiates us and makes us unique from all others. Correspondingly if I can understand and channelize my feelings better I will be be able to do more. Experience more happiness. Be more in control of my life. And generally be a much better human being than I am today.

Logical? Or more importantly: do you feel what I am saying makes sense? In the next blog I would like to explore more about feelings and look more holistically at feelings and the multiple levels at which this subject can be understood. However before that I look forward to your views and feedback on this topic.

in anticipation: vikas






The day after

It is said by more experienced lovers than me that the true test of a great relationship is judged not by the torridness in the bed the night before; rather it is epitomized by the feelings that course through you “the day after”. I learn the truth of this statement the morning after I wrote my first blog.

I had got many WA messages and sms of encouragement and congratulations: but I was keen to see something online. And praise be to the Lord  and Master but actually there were 2 comments on each of the two blogs i posted yesterday.  so what if the 4 comments were by 3 authors; somebody out there was reading!!!

Well begun is All Done. Today is Sunday and I can rest.

Must confess though that the blogbug has bitten deep and sure. In my walk today I was actually mulling over what I could write on: topics which would be on interest to others and about which I have an opinion/something to say. The test for me was : would I read a blog on this issue if someone else wrote it. If answer is Yes then it is a fair subject. As as I walked subjects/ideas kept popping up where ever I looked or whichever turn I took. It is going to be fun and interesting I thought.

some rules I have decided ( and these are up for your comments/inputs) :

  • focus on my own experience and opinions
  • no theoretical pontification; no jargonese
  • KISS ( Keep it Short Stupid)
  • have fun and spread fun

see you around : vikas

Poorna : Rahul Bose’ Labor of Love

Saw Poorna today. What an amazing film!!! Real Kudos to Rahul Bose for producing and directing such a powerhouse story.

Except Rahul himself in the movie there are no faces you recognise. The movie has no song and dance routine. And in fact the story is set in a small AP village in a land labourer’s house. It cant be more de-glamorous than this. No villians. No dishum dishum. A totally predictable linear story line.  But still what you experience is a real treat for the viewers as the story/the script/the theme/the picturisation : all come so well together that you come out of the cinema hall impressed and enamored with the story of a village girl who at a ripe age of 13 years stood on top of the Everest and held the Indian tricolour up high making all people in her life and all the viewers proud. Truly as the tagline says : Ladkiyan kuch bhi kar sakti hai.

The simple and uncomplicated life of 2 village girls who face sheer poverty and difficulties of a typical Indian village is shown most realistically. But  dreams burn bright in their hearts. And the story is about how one of them actually makes it to the top of the world. And on the way how she faces multifarious difficulties. And how she retains her ability to challenge people and circumstances around her and keep striving hard to move ahead. Aditi Inamdar has played the role to perfection : bringing before us all the trials and tribulations of the simple village girl who is larger in her resolve than the tallest mountain in the world. All the other difficulties on the way obviously fade in comparison and we feel happy to see her conquer the Sagarmatha.

Long ago I was fortunate to have seen Mt Everest from a tourist flight window. They distributed a T Shirt on the flight which said it so well ” I saw the Everest. I did not climb it. But I left my heart there”. Mt Everest is captured in all its glory in the film. All the fury of  the snow and the challenge of the mountain climb is alive and real character in the story. Has been handled with the respect Chomolungma deserves and the awe it inspires in each and every one of us.

Rahul Bose is of course a good and serious actor. I clearly remember  all his outings I was privileged to see beginning with the earlier movies like Mr & Mrs Iyer followed by Chameli; Pyaar ke Side Effects; Jhankar Beats; Shaurya to the more recent ones : one and all leave the viewer with a distinct respect for this serious actor who brings a unique take to each and every character he enacts. ( Except I have not understood how he accepted Dil Dhadakne Do)

In Poorna besides being the Producer and Director Rahul has played a very important role. He is the chief mentor and inspiration for the achievements of  Malvath Poorna. giving her the confidence and support as she makes this amazing journey from sweeping the classrooms of her school to sweeping us off the feet by stepping upto the top of the world. Very understated. Sober to the core. Powerful. Your heart bleeds for Rahul when he is awaiting the phone from Poorna as she makes the final bid. As a totally believable civil servant who wants to make a difference leading always from his heart Rahul leaves a deep impression and makes the film much more believable and touching. All praise to this actor for taking up such a theme and creating a memorable story.

One Girl. One Man. One Belief. One Mountain. One  amazing story. One great movie. Many superb performances.

Enjoy the movie: vikas

And then there was a blog…

Yes I admit the bug has bit me.

Internet and blogs are today all around and any and everybody who is somebody is blogging away. I must say I took my time as I was unsure whether I should or not. And whether I will have the discipline to sit and write. And ( horror of horrors) PUBLISH!!! How would it be received; would it be read at all; am i exposing myself (and my foolishness) : Questions. Questions.Questions.

But finally I gathered the courage and decided to make a blog after all. That too on All Fools Day 2017. Somehow it felt appropriate to come out of the closet on this day; break the self imposed ban and venture forth. So here I am penning my first blog.For you to read. For me to write.

Many times in the past decades as I went on the speaker circuit and traveled far and wide to speak at seminars and conferences;  many people often suggested I should write. I always laughed it off. Embarrassed laughter I may add. Lurking underneath was the question whether I had something of import to say. and how would my outpourings be received.

Anyway here I am folks. Will try and reach out regularly.and since this is my first time I am sure you will forgive my transgressions and trespasses. As re what will be the content of my blogs : my tagline of  Openness and Sharing says it all. I want to share with you all my views and my experiences and my takes on how life is treating me . While agonizing over what I should write I can visualize the  Arun Bhendes; Uday Mahales; Sunil Aptes and now Ravi Thattes in my life paraphrasing the Bard and saying to me ” Fool look in thy heart and write”

With a transparent bleeding heart : vikas