Happy 2022 (100)

A milestone brings with it some unknown joy….a lump in the heart, a positive valence, a looking forward, brighter expectations. The human mind is so funny, every week we look FW to the Sunday, every Monday signals a “new” week, a new beginning. So an year end and a New Year is expectations multiplied literally like a second coming of Christ, something to look up to, something which we believe will be a harbinger of new directions, new achievements and new experiences.

Coming from the trough of 2020 & 2021, the watershed COVID years, Lockdowns, Deaths, fears of the virus: I feel, already, 2022 is overloaded with our expectations for a better future. The Pandemic year has shown us what we can bear. And we all have found in ourselves mountains of resilience and valleys of forbearance. On this background, we all wish that the new year may remove all the negative energy and enlighten our lives. Will 2022 fulfill our cherished dreams or will it be a damp squib, more of the same thing? A year of “same difference” rather than heralding a New Normal, a New Next as all public pronouncements make us believe?

For the https://wordpress.com/post/vikasshirodkar.blog also it is a significant milestone. This is my 100th post since I began 4 years ago. So these questions dog me personally too. Will I turn the corner, now that I am 100 posts old? will I write something different? will my readers continue to remain engaged? will I be able to create a new experience? Will I be able to share my thoughts and questions? Will I be able to live up to the promise I had made in my first blog?

That fateful day as I stared at a blank computer screen, looking for inspiration, wondering what to write? and how to write? I had reminded myself of the famous exposition of Sir Philip Sidney, ” Fool , look in thy heart and write.” The journey has been interesting for me, writing about various subjects which interested me and offering the blogs to the readers. Always excited when I got feedback, correcting me, complimenting me. Every encouragement, building my resolve, to keep blogging.

We all could take inspiration from the great advice of Meister Eckhart ,”Be willing to be a beginner every single morning”. There is a stupid joke which goes, “when is your birthday? And the answer from a dolt like me, ” Every Year” Whichever day you were born, is every day not a “birthday”? Are you not reborn every day? Do you not have a chance to reinvent yourself and chart a new course every day you are alive?

In India, we have a practice of celebrating a newborn’s “birthday” every month. With every passing day, the child is learning new things, getting shaped and honed. The practice of celebrating every month commemorates this fact. It is sad that we stop it once the child is one year old. But really till the Death Day, every Day is a Birthday and every day in an year is New Year beginning with as much potential and promise as the transition between 31/12 and 1/1.

The Greek Philosophers really understood this continuity of life. Every end is a new beginning, like the fluidity of a circle which is continuous and has no start or end point, Every full stop heralds the start of a new sentence. Truly, Life goes on. As Seneca had observed, ” Every new beginning comes from the end of some other beginning’s end.” Obviously, the time for new beginnings is NOW. New Beginnings are sometime camouflaged as painful endings. But with every closing door, another one opens: if only we look around for new openings, new beginnings, rather than fill our eyes with tears, for the door that closed. The Beginning is always TODAY. TODAY you can begin to become whatever you want to be. TODAY, not next Monday, not 1st of next month, not 1st Jan, not await the “auspicious” day. Today brings its own magic which will see your plans through. Socrates guides,” The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new”. And build the NEW, NOW. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Carpe Diem….seize the day.

So really, I have great hope and positivity for the future. Call it 2022, or call it tomorrow. Next week, Next Month all is good if I begin with a positive resolve in my heart. Tomorrow has to be good, better, best. After all we are going to spend the rest of lives there. The Good Book ( Revelation 21:5) promises, “Behold, I make all things new” . Do not listen to the defeatists, there are many in the world. Chart your own course. Spread positivity and light. Remember, the world is changed by your example, not your opinion!

To return to my personal milestone: I am happy that you, my readers, have welcomed my outpourings, my posts. You have complimented and loved some (Being a Good person had 7970 hits on LinkedIn and What HR has taught me 11,702); pilloried me for some (Sentire Ergo Sum 32 hits; A Hero’s Journey 40 hits); but, all in all, have been very supportive of me. From one icon of Smilie or Thumbs Up to long, page full comments as feedback, I have enjoyed it all. So to me 2022 will not be a new year. It will be more of the Same Difference. I will keep posting. And I will keep looking forward to your feedback. The harsher the better so that I can find my groove. Frankly, I am a masochist at heart!!

So 2021 is about to end. Hope you have captured all the learnings and are ready to move on. New Beginnings in 2022. I have reached a milestone of 100 blogs. The 101 blog topic is already in my mind. New Blog in 2022. The cycle continues.

The Circle never ends. Join me in the journey ahead.

Love: vikas

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  1. चला गया ये साल खस्ता दिले हाल दे कर
    और नया साल आ गया है.वही पुराना माल ले कर


    1. NP
      साही कहा मेरे दोस्त
      याहान पुराण मIल बिक्टा है
      Shayad yahi हमारी पसंद है
      हम भी काफी पुरने हो गया ना?


  2. Dear Vikas,You are like Spiderman who woe us with your love , affection,candid nature & true truth forever.I expect same year to years.I am always with you by heart.Wishing you Happy New Year 2022.


    1. Dilip
      it is friends like you who make the life worth living
      your open acceptance and affection makes it all worth while
      many thanks for your friendship & unstinted support
      vikiababa punter


  3. Very inspiring and motivating for sure. Thanks again for sharing yet another masterpiece.
    Next target, a double ton. Look forward.
    Happy and safe New Year to you and your family.
    Best regards,
    Sanjay Aphale


  4. Dear Vikas, Thank you and as far as your own dilemma goes , go with what Sir Philip Sidney has said. You are best when you go with your heart. You are spontaneous, genuine, articulate and emotional when you write from your heart.

    Every day is a new beginning and actually there is no end , if you really think about it. Beginnings and endings are what we have humans created to recognize and keep track of milestones. I don’t think nature ( plants, animals and birds, etc) keep track of beginnings and endings. They all just go on and I think there is a learning there.

    Wish you a new year full of adventure and great joy, coupled with great health. More power to your pen

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    1. VJ my friend
      beautiful perspective
      there are really no beginnings and ends in nature
      and it is only humans who create these artificial “mile stones”
      must remember that
      thanks for your feedback
      as an HR person I have always let my heart rule
      and never let my head take over
      the joy I have got from this simple decision knows no bounds
      too late in the day to change now

      thanks for your friendship n open and frank feedback


      1. Dear Vikas, Thanks and congratulations on your 100th and continuing to write. I have been privileged to read many of them and love the perspectives that you share with wit, stories, quotations and a lot of humanness. Authentic and touch a chord every time.


  5. Vikas Sir Congratulations for your century. Your consistency …Hats off. Your art of narrating makes your blogs interesting …I look forward to see you scoring a double …..


    1. Nitin
      You are more than kind
      I write to fulfill my own hunger of expression
      but feedback from people like you make me feel good
      and want to continue on this path
      Stay connected
      keep writing in


  6. Many Congratulations !
    Looking forward to many more in the years to come !!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your sharing of thoughts and experiences.

    God bless 💐


  7. Congrats Vikas. Gavaskar on reaching 100 always took a fresh guard preparing for the next 100. Best wishes and may you continue to share your blogs.


  8. Excellent reminisce of the challenging year gone by. I am sure after scoring a century of blogs your appetite to score a double century will be peaking in 2022 enabling you to achieve the new milestone much faster. There are number of learnings from the pandemic induced lockdown which you have captured so well and hope of beginning the new year on a positive note with renewed energy gets a boost.
    Feedback is said to be the breakfast of champions and it will be difficult for anyone reading your well written thoughtful blogs to make harsh comments.
    Wishing you a great year ahead and looking forward for some thought provoking writings from you.


    1. Gopi
      you are a regular feedback giver
      and that is imp for any writer
      Yes indeed the pandemic has taught us a lot
      chief amongst the learning is the love of your fellow beings
      as only that sustains you in the long haul
      thanks for being a faith full friend
      with your encouragement I am ready to face 2022
      all the best to you too in your many endeavors


  9. Dear Sir,
    Hearty Congratulations on achieving mini milestone of century.
    You enjoy the journey and we are fortunate to have you as storyteller of experiences
    Please keep at it.
    Thanks and Best Regards,


  10. Vow! A 100 blogs is a great milestone specially when many like me always look forward to your next experience sharing. I say experience sharing because in your blogs we find so many of our own experiences and thoughts being articulated so nicely. Yes, we all look forward to 2022 with more optimism!


    1. Kailash
      THE LAST OF THE GENTLEMEN in this century
      your gentleness is legion
      when I grow up sir I want to be like you
      thanks for your kind words
      coming from you I cherish them a lot


  11. Hi VS:

    Hearty congrats for completing a century of very inspiring ,thought provoking write -ups!

    Your run rate of over 2 blogs a month is highly creditable.

    In the process you have also proved that Quantity does not necessarily dilute Quality!!

    I am sure it has taken a lot of internal ‘churn’ to do this over and over again.

    I am also sure that you are hugely enjoying this process. Without passion, it is not possible to retain the momentum with which such activites are started.

    In the 3rd para , you have put some questions like “ Will I turn the corner, now that I am 100 posts old? ……” etc etc.

    And towards the end ,you yourself have revealed your answers : “I will keep posting. And I will keep looking forward to your feedback…”

    It is clear that even during writing the blog, your search for answers was on! ..and you got them !!

    I am certainly happy with the answer ..as it promises more and more of such creative writings!

    You have sought “harsh” feedback …

    How can you expect that when a reader finds his/her own feelings being echoed in the text?

    I will surely look for some ‘opportunities’ to be harsh ..though I feel your articles will not give me one!

    Best wishes to you ,Vinita ,Rashmi ,all your loved ones and your readers for a very meaningful and satisfying 2022.


    1. JLS
      you will rate high on the MOST ADMIRABLE list of many who have been touched by you
      I am also a fan
      so your comments are one of the prime motivations to blog!!!
      Jagdish bhai kya kahenge comes often in my mind as I sit to write
      “Saacchi,” as Ash made famous in Devdas

      As ​mentioned I began this journey with fear, uncertainty and tension
      just a small light in the dark corner of the heart: I wanna, let us try, give up if it does not work
      I truly took Sir Sidney’s advice and looked deep and long in my heart
      and then after the initial hesitation, it flowed
      feedback I receive shows that I am on the right path and I look FW to walking some more on this road

      When i write, it is a bit of a groping
      I have a “rough dhancha” of what I want to say
      and then I improvise
      so the questions are genuine
      and the answers emerge
      the process is fun
      and that keeps me on the path

      Your saying no harsh feedback and the logic you give is heartening, to say the least
      pl keep up the TLC and I am sure I will rise to newer heights

      Many thanks for your good wishes for Rash & Vini
      Heartily reciprocate the same to Smita ben and all of your family


  12. Hi Vikas

    Was looking forward to your your next blog & Was rewarded by yet another exceptional one.

    As we experience life we tend to chart a path to achieve our goals.

    In doing so while.we may succeed in many ways, we may also risk losing the charm of life.

    Nida Fazlis ghazal inspires me as I reminisce the uncertainties faced over the years

    अपनी तलाश अपनी नज़र अपना तजरबा
    रस्ता हो चाहे साफ़ भटक जाना चाहिए
    – निदा फ़ाज़ली

    Happy 2022 to your family you & all your readers.



    1. Nikhil bhai
      raasta to chaahe bhatak jaaye is indeed true of all explorers whether physical or mental
      that requires a self confidence and a strong heart
      I am glad to be surrounded by people like you who have the faith and thus are able to walk the road, and inspire others to follow
      keep inspiroing, keep motivating
      Like Prof Higgins said,” I have grown accustomed to her face”
      so your comments are imp to me
      many thanks for your engagement


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