Ça va sans dire !!

This French phrase means : It goes without saying. Night follows Day, ca va sans dire! A mother will always love her child: Es ist selbstverständlich! Time gone can never be recovered, ¡Por supuesto! True love can never be forgotten, बेशक ! Rules of arithmetic will remain the same, यकीनन !!

There shall always be a day and a night, until the world meets its end! We shall always hope to sleep, and wake up to see another day! Such is life! So very often, we do not worry about causality. We just careen from one event, one experience to another without thought, without analysis. We have forgotten, Life is a gift; each day is a chance to do better, to be better, learn as we go along & become more erudite, more skilled, more happy as we live. In the Quran, God says that he created Day and Night, for us to remember him and to thank him for his blessings. They are a continuous chance to correct our mistakes, to do more good deeds, to learn more, to teach more, to help this world thrive again. Unfortunately the stark reality is that: So many people have a life, but, few people are living. Really, & Actually Living.

As humans, we consider ourselves at the top of the evolutionary totem pole. According to Hindu mythology, after going through eighty four lakh yonis, one gets the birth of a human being. And the Hindus always consider, it is a privilege to be born in India as it is a “Dev Bhoomi” Whether we believe these popular myths or not, we must acknowledge the fact some direction setting, some spiritual goal is indeed a part of the Indian Experience. And we can see and feel that every Next Gen is smarter, more evolved, capable and skilled than the generations that preceded. But, Are we using that knowledge, the evolutionary smartness to be better, reach out, and make a difference? Judge for yourself!

Some things seem to be viewed in similar ways by many people, and I think we should take another look at these, and truly question them. In our search for our own truth we need to ensure that we are not acting like sheep, merely following herd behavior. Even when many go through a common experience, the way each person is affected by it, understands it, and learns from it is very often different. We have all experienced this. Some mental calibration is thus required regularly in order to get the most out of the life we are privileged to lead. Consider e.g. that things are often regarded as opposites, things like black and white, day and night, light and dark, are obvious examples. Is it so? Challenge it!!!

A more open view might say, they are opposite sides of one coin. I would go a little further and suggest to you that they are actually part of the same thing. Just as the coin cannot exist without its two sides, I would suggest that our world cannot exist without these so called opposites. “They give us a spectrum to exist in, a matrix, or framework, that stretches between the two extremes (or polarities) to include every variation of light and shade that we sense or experience in-between.” says Julia Woodman, in No Paradox – Living Both In and Outside of the Matrix.

Remember, Nothing changes if nothing changes. The night has taught me never to fear the dark times, by giving way to the dawn of a new day. My partner calls this the महा मंत्र of Life. Continuous Change is the only constant and so I must be in-charge of the changes around me. To get new outcomes we must do things differently. If we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to get what we have always got. If I want new results, better outcomes, an enriched life, I must let go of my past ways and accept that I will do different things. Then only can I get different end results, reactions or payoffs. Ça va sans dire !!

Mehmet Murat ildan, Turkish author says it so well, “Did you have a sad day? Don’t worry, you have all the night to compensate for it! Did you have a sad night? Don’t worry, you have all the day to compensate for it!”. Look ahead. Take charge and move. जीत आपकी ही होगी.

Rhonda Byrne popularized this visualization and affirmation technique in The Secret. Why go that far, our own superhero SRK in Om Shanti Om avers,” कहते है के किसी चीज़ को दिल से चाहो, तो पूरी क़ायनात उसे तुमसे मिलाने की कोशिश में लग जाती है!” ¡Por supuesto! as our Spanish brethren say.

Ajay Ghogavale crooned so well in Redu movie. See what he sings while reassuring us देवाक काळजी रे

होणार होतला जाणार जातला
मागे तू फिरू नको
उगाच सांडून खऱ्याची संगत
खोट्याची धरू नको
येईल दिवस तुझा हि माणसा
जिगर सोडू नको
तुझ्या हाती आहे डाव सारा
इसर गजाल कालची रे

Transliteration: Whatever is to happen will happen. Do not turn back. Don’t leave the company of the good, and run behind the bad. Your day will certainly come, do not lose hope. The whole game is in your hands. Forget what happened yesterday.

To that extent our direction is set. Decide what you want. And with dedicated focus pursue it till it is yours. And to emphasize the learning, SRK reaffirms elsewhere in the same movie,” इतनी शिद्दत से मैंने तुम्हे पाने की कोशिश की है…की हर ज़र्रे ने मुझे तुमसे मिलाने कोशिश की है”. So decide your goals, clarify your expectations and bring a commitment and effort that drives you forward always. Remember the Madhavan advice in 3 Idiots: बच्चे काबिल बनो, काबिल.. कामयाबी तो साली झक मारके पीछे भागेगी!!

To end, I echo C. Joybell who says: “The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.”

Joyously accept both & enjoy your journey: Ça va sans dire, says vikas

देवाक काळजी रे
माझ्या देवाक काळजी रे

22 Replies to “Ça va sans dire !!”

  1. VS:

    What you have described is a nice way of looking at life.
    To those in despair: “ Night will surely give way to a bright day”
    To those in the 7 th heaven..”This too shall pass”!!

    As some say: Darkness has no independent existence. It is just the absence of Light!

    As per BK, everything in nature is cyclic ..like day/night, the seasons, the celestial movements etc

    The world drama moves in circles …starting from Satyug..Treta Yug..dwaper yug ..kaliyug

    Or..Golden age…silver age..copper age..iron age

    Currently we are deep in to Kaliyug/the iron age

    But not to worry

    Golden age is sure to come.


    well, some day , better sense will prevail amongst a critical mass of the population .

    tired of what is happening around, people will crave for a value based living

    it will be good for the posterity


    1. JLS
      many thanks for your comments and perspective.
      Yes I too believe in cycly-city of existence and the concept of vibrations
      (as you sow so shall you reap)
      Positive vibrations from like minded souls mean a lot to me
      and I believe they actually determine what happens in your life
      That is why I greatly treasure your comments and views

      Value based living is indeed taking roots slowly but surely
      Apna Time Aayega


  2. Great it is – electrifying your mind to explore corners never travelled before . Insightful and self fulfilling. Inspires to look at things differently and drive positive energy – flip sides of a matter could also be illuminating and self revealing and not always negative as commonly perceived . Thanks sir for presenting another master piece. 🙏


    1. Kabir
      I hope i continue to be the legitimate recipient of your praise.
      I was a little concerned whether the omnibus of concepts and thoughts would hang together and drive ina common direction
      From your comments I think I have been successful
      Love you brother


  3. What a well scripted write up. Truly I admire your literary skills. How beautifully you have added appropriate quotes in different languages in between. Wow!!!


    1. Cynth
      i experimented with the multiple language quotes first time as I believe languages should unite and not divide us all
      Thanks for your kind words which will keep me on the path


  4. Grt work Vik. The flamboyance of the write up is the use of simple language along those befitting popular quotes not forgetting SRK.!!!


    1. Ram hope Sommu would have given me passing marks in English.
      It was Cuttack and you all from Humanities were my first source of encouragement
      Thanks a lot for still being a support
      You Rock, Ram sir


  5. Excellently put across Sir, you have said it as it should be. We all need to understand that we have but one life and we must make the best of it because we are blessed to be born as humans. Work hard, put your mind and soul into anything and success will surely follow. Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog


  6. Superbly presented!
    The apt quotes,multiple languages make it likable to read n enjoy again and again.
    Ye dil mange more!


  7. That is superb Vikas.. in fact, with my little vocab, I can’t find a word to explain how nicely you have explained the TRUTH with examples from Hit Bollywood movies, which am sure everyone might have watched (not once but several times). After moving on from JNJ in 1997, worked with AFP (International News Agency – French) and your caption French drew my attention. Thanks a lot.


    1. Vijaya: thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I purposely attempt to use day to day, practical examples as that is something we all understand and relate to. I tried out multiple languages first time and realized that Language is not a barrier in communication. In fact the multiplicity adds to the glamour?


  8. So true! Yet we ask ourselves why when we most need to remember and practice it. Nicely articulated


  9. This is superb… philosophy in simple words. I even liked fusion of languages…English, French, Hindi, Marathi. विकास उवाच..


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